Reviews for ‘Planting Seeds of Hope’

April 2020. I’ve spent the week looking through old photographs and reflecting on the amazing times with friends and family. This weird situation we find ourselves in makes us reflect and wish for times gone past and the wish to see and hold our loved ones again. I received this book this week and immediately read it cover to cover, it’s truly inspirational and very welcome as it shows us that there is a way forward. I found particular resonance with “A Prayer For My Child”, as that’s all any parents want for their child. Also as a crafter I really enjoyed the reference to Psalm 139 with the thought that we are woven together or that we were knitted together what wonderful imagery! The floral images and the meanings behind them were lovely and well drawn. Even if you’re not religious, don’t think this book isn’t for you; we certainly need some seeds of hope in April 2020.

Mrs C. UK

June 4th 2020 Read your latest book.Enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks for sharing your life and belief.

M. Umbs USA

May 2020 We are in a nightmare of a world and this book will give you hope and comfort.
I really enjoyed reading it, had some laughs and some thoughtful moments. Loved the giggle story!
I wish more people would read her books, she is so talented.

V M Pearce USA

Dee, recently my dear friend Jean gave me your book Planting Seeds of Hope  and it was exactly what I needed at this time.  I am receiving chemotherapy treatment for cancer so I definitely need to focus on hope and my prayer life.  I have found that the thoughts you shared and the stories you told about your childhood and family brought back memories of my own childhood. They are good memories and I treasure them. 

I like the way laid your book out, each chapter touching on a different aspect of our lives.  Your personal prayers and poems spoke to me and I believe I was enriched by them. In the simplicity of your writing there is real beauty and the words touched my inner being.

One day I decided to color the flower you had drawn before the new section.  Your drawings are in black ink and I thought that a bit of color would add  a little to the sketch.  I was so surprised when I realized that the coloring was affecting me deep inside. I felt a sense of peace come over me as I brought a new life to the flower. NEW LIFE, that is what I need right now and I found it in the pages of your book. Each day as I colored a different flower, selecting what color I wished to use, I could feel the positive results filling my inner being.  I am so glad that I had the idea to color the flowers and acted on it.

Dee, I am a bit sad that I have finished reading your book, but I still have it and can return to the hills and dales of England, to the home where you shared life with your family and to read again the prayers you composed from deep within your soul.  I do hope you continue writing and perhaps, in the future, I will received another Dee Rivers book from my dear friend, Jean.

Kate USA

Reviews for ‘Linked Evermore’

August 2019 I finished your second book. I didn’t want to finish it. I loved the story, I was enthralled with the characters. I sensed that some of the fictional part involved a personal side to the story. I believe it would be difficult for anyone to write a story and not add some of the life lived by the writer. I was impressed with what a strong woman Wilfrida was. The sadnesses she had to suppress in order to give her daughter the life she needed. Strength beyond compare. I will recommend “Linked Evermore” a rather historical fiction story about your great-grandfather to family, friends and acquaintances. I also will recommend your first book, the story of your own parents, your sister Veronica and you, entitled, “Unexpected Answers”. Please keep writing. You are an easy read.

Rita McDougle, Toledo, Ohio, USA

Reviews for ‘Unexpected Answers’

December 2019 Started reading and couldn’t stop until I finished the story. What an amazing story!!! (also recommend Linked Evermore) M K Warner

October 2019 Loved this book couldn’t put it down and read it in a day. Glad Midge’s siblings and Halford’s daughter finally found out what had happened. Sad that people had to carry such a burden and hope today there would be more openess. God Bless. F. Spandler

Loved the book, my sister who lives in Shoreham and met you last December shared it. Glad to hear you are a Christian. I know East Sussex a little from my visits to Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre near Battle. I see you have written another book which I will have to get. I live in Yorkshire. God Bless you. Fiona

April 2019 I have just finished reading your novel , really enjoyed it! I could not put it down, I was reading at 1 am this morning. I had to leave the last few pages until this morning as I could literally not stay awake. Finished it off over breakfast. What an amazing story, thank goodness you wrote it all down. What a brilliant film it would make. Looking forward to reading your new book. Hopefully will see you again at Bridge Cottage in Uckfield.  Bye for now.

Avril Maton xx

December 2018
Hello Dee,
Do like your new (Facebook) profile picture, can see a lot of family resemblances in it. The book was absolutely brilliant, enjoyed reading it but it also brought out many emotions. I am sure it must have been extremely difficult to write, at times. I love the way you’ve taken snippets of information and combined them to draw a picture of the early Davies and Rivers families. It truly is an incredible story and a very emotional one, I was so pleased to read that your half sister has become a part of your life now. Thank you again for sending me a copy. A very Happy New Year to you, Nikki
(Nikki is my cousin, living in France. Uncle Jim’s daughter.)
22 August 2018. Hi Just to say I have read your book whilst we have been on holiday it kept me gripped its really good should be made into a film well done xx Julie Fisher. UK

22 August 2018. Difficult to put down! This book was a real rollercoaster of emotions and I love books that portray the complexities of individuals not simply as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ people. Doreen has enabled the reader to empathise with all the individuals in Unexpected Answers and I found that I experienced so many different feelings as I was reading it, from hope, to anguish and to a sense of contentedness as well. I would definitely recommend this book, especially to those with an interest in genealogy.       Amy C. UK

July 2018. Hi Dee, thanks for your reply. Actually I wondered after writing on the review page if it didn’t give too much of the story away (spoiler alert :D) but very glad to see that it is appreciated  tried to leave a comment on amazon but could not as haven’t bought the book there… Something that I will do asap !
Also this is the first book I’ve read since Harry Potter probably 15 or more years ago when I used to read like mad… finding the time these days what with work, screens and renovating my house has become a difficult task, so I have to thank you for that too !
Seeing my mum this weekend, seems there’s so much to ask her now !! Hope all goes well with the fairs, sales and the new book, be sure to let me know when it comes out.           Laurie Clarke

26 July 2018. I just loved this book. Excellently written and it kept my interest all the way through. I enjoyed the time detail and the history of how the book came to be written. Would definitely recommend this! Millie Clark UK

June 22, 2018 What a wonderful story! Only put it down to sleep or go to work. Thank you for sharing your family’s story. Andrea D. USA

June 15, 2018. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. I could not put it down. Understand Dee Rivers is writing another book. Amazon Customer USA

5 April 2018. Very much a page turner. As well as a fascinating underlying family mystery, I thought the writer wrote a good story and the book had a wonderful sense of time and place. I enjoyed it very much. Amazon customer UK

March 31, 2018. Many twists as the story gathers speed. A Fascinating story from start to finish. I actually knew Bill and Mary, late in their lives in Ohio, but I would have enjoyed the book even if I didn’t. Adrienne Nagyon USA

March 23, 2018. Excellent read. Couldn’t put it down. Haven’t actually read a book in a long time! Excellent read. Couldn’t put it down! What hardships they overcame!!       Joanne Smith UK

23 January 2018. I am hoping that we will see more Dee Rivers’ novels. Unexpected Answers is a page turner, the writing flows and from the start one is in the story – made all the more interesting by the fact that this is based on a true story. I certainly recommend it. Nikki Clark France

3 January 2018. Wonderful book, a real page turner to find out what happened in this amazing story. So well written for a first book. Highly recommended. Jean Phillips UK

13 December 2017. This was an easy book to get into, I sometimes have a job to get into a story but straight away I was intrigued as to what was going to happen. D.H. UK

4 December 2017. Very intriguing story, keeps you on the edge of your seat. A real page turner. Mrs C. UK

23 November 2017. Very-well written and an amazing story. I was intrigued after the first sentence. It really makes you think of what people go through for so many different reasons. Thank you Dee (& Ronnie) for sharing your story — I truly loved it.                 Susan J. Perrin USA

18 November 2017. Thoroughly enjoyable read, lovely character development, and intriguing tale. Can’t recommend highly enough. Anorak Smith UK

15 November 2017. Very good read, especially since I knew some of the people in the book. Enjoyed the story. Kindle user USA

11 November 2017. I’m impressed with the book ‘unexpected answers’ by Dee Rivers. I have not finished the book yet but am enjoying every page so far. I think we all love a family saga. A bit of mystery is an enticement as well! Margaret Clare UK

5 November 2017 Since the moment I picked up this book in the shop I started reading and I couldn’t put it down. Amazing story and so beautifully written! Congratulations Dee, you have got a gift for story tell. Next one please! Ana Watts

29 October, 2017. I loved it, so true to life, so interesting! Amazon Customer USA