Davies Family
Annie Bedelia Davies with her six children.

This photograph is featured on page 60 of Unexpected Answers.

Annie Bedelia is in the centre with her children grouped around her.

Frank and James standing at the back with Grit in between, young William is sitting at the front and Midge is also sitting with Teresa peering over her head.


Midge,Veronica, Gertrude,Frank Davies Children
The Davies children

This is the very first image my sister Ronnie and I saw of our mother with her family. She is Midge, standing at centre back. Working clockwise is Gertrude, baby Frank and then Veronica. Seeing the photo being revealed on the screen of my computer was an incredibly emotional moment. Midge was the image of Ronnie and seeing Gertrude was like looking at myself. Poor Veronica, who was about four in this photograph only lived for a few more years.


Wm Halford Rivers & Ruby Deal

William Halford Rivers marries Ruby Deal

Parish Church Thorpe le Soken October 1st 1921


Oakley House, Thorpe le Soken. Home of Halford & Ruby Rivers

Oakley House where Halford and Ruby Rivers lived and raised their family.

A Grade 11 listed building built in the 1700’s



My Grandfather, William Davies standing outside Blue House Farm in Kirby Cross near Colchester, where Halford Rivers first met Annie Davies. It was a dairy farm that William had inherited from his father. Annie helped her father with farm work and book-keeping. She also had a van from which she delivered milk to houses in the surrounding area.

I visited Kirby Cross as a teenager with my parents, knowing nothing of the circumstances or events that had happened years previously. I remember my father becoming quite emotional as we paused in the car to look at the farm and two other addresses in a nearby village.




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