My new book, Linked Evermore is nearing the point of publishing. At this very moment it is being proof-read and as soon as that is done the formatting can be completed. The cover is designed and created by myself and my daughter, Sue using PhotoShop.

It’s such an exciting time – a little frustrating at times when the computer does things you didn’t expect or refuses to obey the simplest of commands, but on the whole, yes exciting. I’ve given myself a deadline to have the book in my hand by end of April, ready for the UK Southern Book Show in Worthing.

I love to write about real people who have lived interesting lives, often very ordinary people with extraordinary tales to tell. Linked Evermore is based on the life of my Great Grandfather, who I first came across being arrested in New York in 1881 for breaking the law by singing in Madison Square disguised as an old man. The story is told by a lady he meets up with, called Mary who has given herself the stage name of Wilfrida.

Here is a short synopsis:

In 1881, MARY BOND and her husband JOHN sailed with their two young boys to America to seek their fortune. Having been disinherited and thrown out of the family piano-forte manufacturing business in Liverpool by his father, John must now seek other employment. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes and John leaves Mary to cope alone in their cold apartment in Chicago. She turns to what she knows best and secures a place singing with an opera company.

Along the way, performing across the states of America, she takes the stage-name of WILFRIDA and meets fellow Englishman, HENRY FAIRWEATHER, another musician pursuing a better life. They set up in business together, combining their talents to form The Fairweather Opera Company. As they work and travel together their relationship grows, but unbeknown to Wilfrida, Henry has a secret he keeps tight to his heart.

Mary tells us her story, revealing her own secrets. Her life is full of music, joy and laughter but with more than a touch of anger, sadness, betrayal and broken promises.

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