Revised Edition

I’m excited to announce the launch of my revised edition of Unexpected Answers. The ebook and Kindle edition is available now to order on Amazon through the link below.

The paper-back version will be launched shortly. Keep an eye open for that!

I love the new cover that my daughter Sue and I created. There is a collage of old photographs on the front cover. These are snaps of some of the relatives and places featured in the story. On the back cover I’ve used a photograph of my Mum and Dad,  Bill and Mary Hard as we knew them back in the 1950’s headed up with that immortal question – “Why didn’t we ask them when we had the chance?”

The synopsis on the back cover says this:

“Veronica and her sister, Doreen have been brought up to believe that their parents Bill and Mary Hard had no siblings and that all their grandparents had died many years earlier. As with most families in the 1950’s the children were discouraged from asking questions. Then one day, shortly before his death in 1987 Bill announced to his daughters the shocking news that the name on his birth certificate was not the same as the one they knew him by. Any attempt to learn further details was snuffed out by their parents’ continued reticence. Little did the sisters know that this piece of information would help lead them to an amazing discovery of the secret past lives of their parents.          ‘Unexpected Answers’ reveals the meeting of Bill and Mary over sixty years earlier and moves through their heart-rending decision that was to change the lives of so many people, leaving scandal in its wake. Yet despite the agony of guilt, their love affair survived as they lived and worked together, striving against adversity such as ill health, bankruptcy and tragedy that Mary believed was her deserved punishment from God. Just weeks before her death she sought her priest to make a desperate confession, never having told another living soul her secret.                                                                                 Once both parents had passed away, Veronica and Doreen began their journey of discovery. Armed with scant knowledge, it seemed an impossible task but in 1998 the sisters travelled to a village in Essex where they knew of a house their mother had lived in as a child. They were invited in and the present owner was able to provide them with a few more clues. Exactly one year later, Doreen received a phone call telling her that an American family had visited the house and seemed to be related in some way. This was exciting news for the sisters, but their excitement was short-lived as no contact details were taken. From excitement to devastation in a moment. How were they ever to find these people?”

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